The Rissington Podcast is one of the nerd podcasts I listen to regularly. It’s hosted by Jon Oxton and John Hicks, two well-respected and talented designers from the UK. Their show primarily relies on questions sent in from listeners, and they often plead with their audience to send in questions. Until this last episode (12), […]

The Rissington Podcast

I’ve never been good about consistently backing up my hard drive. Hence, I have lost a fair amount of files due to crashes. Now that I work at home on my own equipment, I’ve been searching for a reliable backup solution. My first thought was to get a massive external hard drive, specifically a gigabit […]


I just found this video on If your a nerd, I guarantee you’ll enjoy this. (If you don’t enjoy it, rejoice in the fact that you’re not a nerd). Based on the lingo and production quality, I would have guessed that this video was from the ’80s. But it’s actually from ’95, which doesn’t […]

Internet Power

Well, one week into my initial test, none of the search engines have indexed my secret word. Maybe I need to be more patient. But if my patience is in fact sufficient, I would venture to say that the first two test pages I built are unsatisfactory to Google, Yahoo, and MSN. So I added […]

More SEO Testing

My apologies to those of you who only check this site for the latest gossip on your favorite superhero. But, in an effort to further conceal my secret identity, here is some stuff that should reinforce my civilian-like career as a nerd. I’m testing to see if the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) […]

SEO Test

Through an email from Sitepoint, I recently discovered VectorMagic, which is a tool to convert bitmap images to vector graphics. (For those who are not nerds and/or graphics enthusiasts, you will not hurt my feelings if you stop reading right now.) Vector Magic is a vector conversion Flex application built by some geniuses at Stanford. […]


Yesterday, Todd bought me an iPhone in exchange for some design work. After a few unsuccessful attempts at updating my blog, I found a WordPress admin plugin for the iPhone and so far it works great.

iPhone Test