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The Rissington PodcastThe Rissington Podcast is one of the nerd podcasts I listen to regularly. It’s hosted by Jon Oxton and John Hicks, two well-respected and talented designers from the UK. Their show primarily relies on questions sent in from listeners, and they often plead with their audience to send in questions. Until this last episode (12), I hadn’t heard them specify that they wanted good questions that related to design or technology. So I wrote the following email to see how desperate they truly were.

Greetings gents,

I am considering picking up a British accent because they have become quite popula’ here in the states. Are there any books you have read that have helped you refine your own accents, or did you take private lessons? Also, why is it that in sci-fi films, people from other planets always speak with British accents? Also are there any differences in the written languages of American English and Englandish English? For example, when you folks across the pond say, “Darling, would care for more sugar and mustard in your tea?” would you spell everything as I just did, or would it be more like “Dahling, would you caiah foh moh sugah and mustahd in yoh tea?”

Thank you for your helpful insights and have a lovely day.

Nate Sees

P.S. My father lived in England for a couple years when he was about 5 years old. His is called Larry. Do you perhaps know anyone who knew him? He doesn’t have a British accent.

I was very pleased to have my question(s) answered in detail by the Jo(h)ns in Episode 12. (Mom, if you don’t want to wade through the vulgarity that sometimes crops up, fast forward to about 9:13 and you’ll hear my name broadcast on the Internet in a grand British accent).

Tally ho!

The Rissington Podcast