A year ago I started reading Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin. I’m a slow and inconsistent reader, so it took me quite a few months to finish it, and now even longer to blog about it. To get an overview of the book, dig these videos: Part 1: The Leader Part 2: The Task Part3: […]

Worship Matters

I’ve never been good about consistently backing up my hard drive. Hence, I have lost a fair amount of files due to crashes. Now that I work at home on my own equipment, I’ve been searching for a reliable backup solution. My first thought was to get a massive external hard drive, specifically a gigabit […]


I just found a letter from a few years back that I wrote to Capital One. Back when I was in college, they kept sending me notices of pre-approval for a credit card. However, when I tried to accept the pre-approval, they denied me. Here was my retort, dated April 6, 2000. Dear Ms. Kauffman: […]

Denial of Credit Priviledges

Over the years, we’ve managed to cause quite a few DVD and CD players to stop working. Some of this has probably been due to the fact that we’ve only purchased cheap inexpensive equipment. Based on this assumption, we splurged last spring and bought a Bose 3-2-1 GS home theater system. We really liked the […]

Bose 3-2-1 GS

I’ve never been that savvy with motorized vehicles and have therefore never been a fanatic of motorcycles, 4x4s, rocket ships, and the like. However, I was ecstatic when my wife bought me a stand-up scooter for father’s day last year. It was powered by a 49cc 2-stroke motor, and looked like a fun toy to […]

XG-499 Stand Up Gas Scooter

My son, going on 2 years old, has continued to amass a large booty of toys in his relatively short life so far. Recently, his vocabulary has been growing even faster than his collection of playthings; some of which is helped by teaching him the names of some of his toys. However, one of his […]

The Buttercrunch Controversy