Still Learning

I meant for this to be posted back in January, so please pardon the tardiness.

Last year was one full of life lessons, many of which are probably understood to be common sense to all you smart people out there. But, lo, I had to be taught these things the hard way. Here are the top 8 bits of wisdom I learned in 2008, in no particular order.

1. Owning a home does not automatically equate to a slew of tax writeoffs.

2. Crabgrass is much easier to grow than Bermuda.

3. My quiver may not be full yet.

4. The Word of God is living and active.

5. God is completely fulfilled, glorified, and soveriegn in and of Himself.

6. I am completely arrogant, selfish, and apathetic in and of myself.

7. Boasting about tomorrow is a symptom of pride and ignorance.

8. My wife is very patient and forgiving.

So long 2008, thanks for the memories.

Still Learning