Based on my lack of time, lack of writing skills, and lack of anything constructive to say, I’ve decided to discontinue my regular contributions to this blog. Posting once every 18 months has proved to be a much-too ambitious goal, so I’ve resolved to officially let this thing go stagnant until further notice. If this […]

Cease and Desist

I meant for this to be posted back in January, so please pardon the tardiness. Last year was one full of life lessons, many of which are probably understood to be common sense to all you smart people out there. But, lo, I had to be taught these things the hard way. Here are the […]

Still Learning

Rather than forwarding an email everyone, I’m going to properly utilize the technology of the Internet, via blog software, to share something I read today that I considered quite funny. This is from a blog post by Kevin Cornell from his Bearskinrug Articles. …you don’t need to have magic powers, or have super-strength to be […]

Do Unto Others