Do Unto Others

Rather than forwarding an email everyone, I’m going to properly utilize the technology of the Internet, via blog software, to share something I read today that I considered quite funny.

This is from a blog post by Kevin Cornell from his Bearskinrug Articles.

…you don’t need to have magic powers, or have super-strength to be a hero. There’s a hero in all of us, just waiting to come out. Like yesterday, I was driving the car, and I came to this four-way intersection. And there were three other cars at the intersection. So I waved one fellow on, even though I could have gone. Then I waved the next fellow on. And then, I felt so good, I waved the other car on. But cars kept appearing behind all those cars I waved on. So I selflessly waved a few of them on as well. And behind me, all the other cars were honking their admiration for my sacrifice. Until finally the guy behind me got out of his car to congratulate me, or get my autograph or something. But I don’t go in for that kind of ego-inflating, so I just ignored his taps on my window. Anyway, I don’t have the right kind of pen for signing a tire iron.

(I didn’t ask Mr. Cornell if I could include his writings here. Hopefully he won’t try to find me and ask me to autograph his tire iron.)

Do Unto Others