Through an email from Sitepoint, I recently discovered VectorMagic, which is a tool to convert bitmap images to vector graphics. (For those who are not nerds and/or graphics enthusiasts, you will not hurt my feelings if you stop reading right now.) Vector Magic is a vector conversion Flex application built by some geniuses at Stanford. […]


After living in the mountains for over 4 years now, we’ve spotted our first bear…in our living room…wearing underwear….(the bear, not the living room).

Bear Sighting

We got it! The house we’ve been trying to buy is now ours…assuming everything goes well during escrow. We just have to make sure we can liquidate the appropriate investments and sign our names about a billion times. We’re really excited about this house. It’s a 5 bedroom, 3 bath home in Clovis on a […]

New House

After some meetings last week at ShowitCon, DJ and Todd offered me a full-time job with Showit. So, after 4 years at Hume, we’ll be moving back to Fresno. We’re really excited, and particularly amazed to see how the Lord has orchestrated everything so far. We’ll miss our Hume family quite a bit, but our […]

Moving On

Yesterday, Todd bought me an iPhone in exchange for some design work. After a few unsuccessful attempts at updating my blog, I found a WordPress admin plugin for the iPhone and so far it works great.

iPhone Test

We recently found out about a Gap photo contest for kids. By that, I mean that the photos are of kids, not taken by kids. We briefly considered the the fact that our kids are, indeed, the cutest children on the face of the earth, but realized that it may not be fair to the […]

Photo Shoot

I’ve never been that savvy with motorized vehicles and have therefore never been a fanatic of motorcycles, 4x4s, rocket ships, and the like. However, I was ecstatic when my wife bought me a stand-up scooter for father’s day last year. It was powered by a 49cc 2-stroke motor, and looked like a fun toy to […]

XG-499 Stand Up Gas Scooter

My wife and I come from different family backgrounds. Prior to marriage, we didn’t expect those differences to have any effect on our relationship because well, we were in love. Needless to say (and much to our surprise), we had to deal with many of those differences early on. Communication styles seemed to be one […]

Learning Sensitivity

My son, going on 2 years old, has continued to amass a large booty of toys in his relatively short life so far. Recently, his vocabulary has been growing even faster than his collection of playthings; some of which is helped by teaching him the names of some of his toys. However, one of his […]

The Buttercrunch Controversy