I just found a letter from a few years back that I wrote to Capital One. Back when I was in college, they kept sending me notices of pre-approval for a credit card. However, when I tried to accept the pre-approval, they denied me. Here was my retort, dated April 6, 2000. Dear Ms. Kauffman: […]

Denial of Credit Priviledges

Well, one week into my initial test, none of the search engines have indexed my secret word. Maybe I need to be more patient. But if my patience is in fact sufficient, I would venture to say that the first two test pages I built are unsatisfactory to Google, Yahoo, and MSN. So I added […]

More SEO Testing

I’m listening to U2 right now. They are really good. I would like to make a prediction: U2 is going to hit it big someday. You heard it here first. (As a side note, I think Adam Clayton looks like Bill Gates in this picture. You heard that here first, too.)

U2 Prediction

I am proud to announce that my past grieving over the loss of my faithful 4Runner has come to an end (but I will never forget you, dear one!) A month ago, we purchased a new Scion XB. My wife fell in love with it right away, but I was reluctant to show any excitement […]

New Automobile

My apologies to those of you who only check this site for the latest gossip on your favorite superhero. But, in an effort to further conceal my secret identity, here is some stuff that should reinforce my civilian-like career as a nerd. I’m testing to see if the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) […]

SEO Test

Many of you know that I have recently moved from Hume Lake and taken a new job. What some of you may not know is that my “real” new job is top secret. As a token of gratitude to the millions of loyal fans who check this site daily, I will share this classified information, […]

New Job

Dear 4Runner, I am sorry we had to part ways. You were always good to me and my family. Remember, friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the lord of them…too bad cars can’t go to heaven. Be kind to your new owner. So long, Nate

Farewell Good 4Runner

Ok, our DSL is now hooked up and, as promised, here are some photos to help tell our story from the last 2 weeks. On Wednesday, December 12th, we loaded up a trailer with our golf cart and a few other things and headed down to get the keys to our new house. On the […]

Moved In…Continued

Wow. We’re actually moved in to our new (20-year-old) house! Yesterday almost all of our worldly posessions were hauled from our 700-square-foot trailer at Hume Lake to our new 2100-square-foot home (with no wheels) in Clovis. We had a number of friends work very hard to help us out with the move, and it went […]

Moved In

Over the years, we’ve managed to cause quite a few DVD and CD players to stop working. Some of this has probably been due to the fact that we’ve only purchased cheap inexpensive equipment. Based on this assumption, we splurged last spring and bought a Bose 3-2-1 GS home theater system. We really liked the […]

Bose 3-2-1 GS