Moved In…Continued

Ok, our DSL is now hooked up and, as promised, here are some photos to help tell our story from the last 2 weeks.

On our way homeOn Wednesday, December 12th, we loaded up a trailer with our golf cart and a few other things and headed down to get the keys to our new house. On the way, the kids got a little restless, so we stopped half way down to take a breather…and a picture.

Keys!An hour later, we met our realtor at the house and got the keys…yipee!Our New (20-year-old) Home

That Friday I drove back up to Hume to get the rest of our stuff loaded up in the moving truck. A lot of nice people pitched in to make the move very easy. In particular, my friends Chester and Damon both helped load up a bunch of stuff Friday night, which allowed us to get on the road Saturday morning. Hume was cool enough to let us use one of their big trucks to haul all of our stuff…although I thought it might have been easier to rent a semi and tow our singlewide (full of our stuff) down to Clovis.

When the truck arrived at our house, we had another crew of people who helped unload, which took all of about 45 minutes.

Dining RoomBy the following evening, we had most of the downstairs rooms set up. Living RoomIt was nice to have some places to come relax while other rooms were still in disarray.

Now, a week later, we’re almost completely moved in…just in time for Christmas. It’s been a fairly tiring couple weeks, but very satisfying. It’s amazing to see the Lord do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine.

Happy Christmas.

Moved In…Continued