I’m laying on my back right now with my left foot elevated and ice packed. This morning I experienced a first: breaking a bone. And this isn’t some silly head injury; it’s my pinky toe. Here’s the story. I was out on an early morning crime fighting expedition when my foot caught the edge of a cell phone tower that was recently installed on top of a tall building that I often leap over in a single bound. I still caught the thief. Fortunately, hopping on one foot us one of my dominant super powers.

Major Injury

Rather than forwarding an email everyone, I’m going to properly utilize the technology of the Internet, via blog software, to share something I read today that I considered quite funny. This is from a blog post by Kevin Cornell from his Bearskinrug Articles. …you don’t need to have magic powers, or have super-strength to be […]

Do Unto Others

Many of you know that I have recently moved from Hume Lake and taken a new job. What some of you may not know is that my “real” new job is top secret. As a token of gratitude to the millions of loyal fans who check this site daily, I will share this classified information, […]

New Job