Cease and Desist

Based on my lack of time, lack of writing skills, and lack of anything constructive to say, I’ve decided to discontinue my regular contributions to this blog. Posting once every 18 months has proved to be a much-too ambitious goal, so I’ve resolved to officially let this thing go stagnant until further notice. If this makes you sad, you can always follow @sees on Twitter, where I post updates at least twice as often as I do here on the blog. There you can stay up to date on things that matter to me; namely, the greatness of God, and the cute, funny, and/or inappropriate things my kids and/or wife may say or do.

So, until I have something important to say in more than 140 characters, so long my faithful reader(s).

One thought on “Cease and Desist

  1. Based on your assessment of your weaknesses I think you should change your perspective and view your deficiencies as your core strengths and focus on hastily written, poorly worded, insulting blog posts. With content like that you’d be getting job offers from mainstream media in no time!

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