Anniversary in Seattle

Hotel RoomOn the 8th, Erin and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. We’re staying in a fancy hotel in Seattle, and it’s been a good relaxing time to get away. The hotel was actually so fancy that we had to eat at MacDonald’s for our anniversary dinner. I know you’re all thinking that I’m a cheap tightwad, but let me assure you that I let Erin supersize her meal.

One of the goals Erin had for our trip was to see someone famous. Well, today while we were at P.F. Chang’s for lunch, my wife’s keen eye spotted Lord Saruman from across the dining room. At first, I was skeptical, particularly because he wasn’t wearing a robe. But after a quick IMDB search, we realized that the actor Christopher Lee portrayed Lord Saruman (a fictional character) in Lord of the Rings (a fictional movie). We are 98.6% sure that Mr. Lee was eating Chinese/American food in the same room as us today. Coincidentally, our waiter looked just like Andy Serkis.

Good night from the Emerald City.

One thought on “Anniversary in Seattle

  1. Nate! I’ve got a beef with you. Here I thought we were friends and all, but then I find out that you have a website/blog going here that you never told me about. Fortunately for me I was able to sleuth it out with my internet Sherlock skills (aka Facebook). But when I finally get here, what do I see? You were in Seattle and didn’t even bother to give your old pal a call. I am frankly shocked and saddened. I thought we had something special.

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