More SEO Testing

Well, one week into my initial test, none of the search engines have indexed my secret word. Maybe I need to be more patient. But if my patience is in fact sufficient, I would venture to say that the first two test pages I built are unsatisfactory to Google, Yahoo, and MSN. So I added 2 more pages with some altered code. I’ll give it another week and see if the big 3 will be nicer to me. Speaking of being nice, maybe I was not being cordial enough to their spiders in my first post. Here’s another go:

Dear Google, Yahoo, and MSN,

I bid you good tidings. You are hereby invited to partake of the scrumptious content of Nate’s Testing Grounds for Search Engine Optimization for Flash Websites. Index as much as you please.

Your BFF,

One thought on “More SEO Testing

  1. Nate,
    I know for a fact you’re infinitely more versed in web stuff than I’ll ever hope (or want) to be–but one of the things a co-worker who does our SEO stuff told me is that generally the spiders only come around in 2 week periods and that it generally takes 4+ weeks for changes to be seen/take effect. I don’t know where he gets his info (Mad Magazine) and everyone knows (not Darin McWatters) the real algorithms for SEO are kept in Fort Knox.

    Maybe you should grab a latte?

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