Based on my lack of time, lack of writing skills, and lack of anything constructive to say, I’ve decided to discontinue my regular contributions to this blog. Posting once every 18 months has proved to be a much-too ambitious goal, so I’ve resolved to officially let this thing go stagnant until further notice. If this […]

Cease and Desist

I meant for this to be posted back in January, so please pardon the tardiness. Last year was one full of life lessons, many of which are probably understood to be common sense to all you smart people out there. But, lo, I had to be taught these things the hard way. Here are the […]

Still Learning

A year ago I started reading Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin. I’m a slow and inconsistent reader, so it took me quite a few months to finish it, and now even longer to blog about it. To get an overview of the book, dig these videos: Part 1: The Leader Part 2: The Task Part3: […]

Worship Matters

I’m laying on my back right now with my left foot elevated and ice packed. This morning I experienced a first: breaking a bone. And this isn’t some silly head injury; it’s my pinky toe. Here’s the story. I was out on an early morning crime fighting expedition when my foot caught the edge of a cell phone tower that was recently installed on top of a tall building that I often leap over in a single bound. I still caught the thief. Fortunately, hopping on one foot us one of my dominant super powers.

Major Injury

Rather than forwarding an email everyone, I’m going to properly utilize the technology of the Internet, via blog software, to share something I read today that I considered quite funny. This is from a blog post by Kevin Cornell from his Bearskinrug Articles. …you don’t need to have magic powers, or have super-strength to be […]

Do Unto Others

Jeffer and I got to go to see the Fresno Grizzlies play on Sunday night. It was a fun time with Popop and Uncle Joey. We had some awesome seats right behind home plate.

Jeffer’s First Ballgame

The Rissington Podcast is one of the nerd podcasts I listen to regularly. It’s hosted by Jon Oxton and John Hicks, two well-respected and talented designers from the UK. Their show primarily relies on questions sent in from listeners, and they often plead with their audience to send in questions. Until this last episode (12), […]

The Rissington Podcast

I’ve never been good about consistently backing up my hard drive. Hence, I have lost a fair amount of files due to crashes. Now that I work at home on my own equipment, I’ve been searching for a reliable backup solution. My first thought was to get a massive external hard drive, specifically a gigabit […]


I just found this video on If your a nerd, I guarantee you’ll enjoy this. (If you don’t enjoy it, rejoice in the fact that you’re not a nerd). Based on the lingo and production quality, I would have guessed that this video was from the ’80s. But it’s actually from ’95, which doesn’t […]

Internet Power


Billy Mays